RIO KIARA SDN BHD - Total Human Resources Services and Solutions
Highly experienced and knowledgeable


Whether you need to control workforce costs, find talent for hard to fill positions or hire a large workforce for peak demand, RIO KIARA's staffing services can help you achieve your goal.

Talent is core to your competitive advantage. But at the same time, your success depends on the flexibility to staff up or down based on business demands, plus the ability produce efficiently to keep costs in check.

That's why RIO KIARA gives you talent resourcing options - so you can find the skilled people you need to drive business performance, while benefiting from the agility you need to respond smartly to workload fluctuations. Whether you need to staff one hard to fill position or hire large volumes for peak season, RIO KIARA's staffing solutions can help you achieve your goals. You'll be able to meet customer demands, manage workforce costs and outdo the competition more than you ever thought possible.

RIO KIARA has been consistently supporting the sourcing, administration and total management of Call Centre operations for Banking, Finance and Telecommunication industries, on a large scale.

Apart from providing recruitment and selection services, RIO KIARA also provides salary administration for more than 700 employees and assist the relevant companies in the general administration matters, i.e. employee contract of service administration, disciplinary matters, management of employee grievances etc.
All these are managed to enhance and increase the productivity and efficiency levels of manpower.


Our Expertise

¨ Outsourcing of Local Contractual Staff
    Recruitment of staff (Non-Executives to Managerial positions)
    Payroll management
    General Administration
    Staff Welfare.

¨ Executive Search
¨ Local Permanent Employee Recruitment
    Collating key information of job, work conditions, etc
    Recruitment and screening
    Interview arrangements

¨ Manage Foreign Worker Outsourcing
    Payroll Management
    Social Welfare

¨ Compensation & Benefits Management
    Prepare Survey Report of similar industry
    Salary Scale Recommendations
    Update Policies

¨ Employee Selection & Management

   Local Permanent Employees (Managers, Executives and Non-Executives)
   Local Contract Employees (Managers, Executives and Non-Executives)
   Foreign Labour (Skilled/Unskilled)
   Executive Search

¨ Computerized Payroll Services Management & Administration
¨ Leave Management
¨ Compensation & Benefits Management
¨ Management of Industrial Relations/Disciplinary Matters
¨ Development & Management of HR Policies & Procedures
¨ Manpower Succession Planning
¨ Manpower Audit

¨ Recruitment & Selection

    Work closely to obtain key information before task is taken up.
    Thorough Screening of Candidates before short listing is made.
    Reasonable turn-around response upon receipt of assignment.
    Provide Resume Summary for ease of selection process.
    Monitor closely between candidate and client for interview arrangements.
    Attain feedback from client on suitability to narrow the selection gap.

Multinationals & Large Local Conglomerates


¨ Payroll Management
    Manage and Administer Payroll Functions
    Maintain Confidentiality
    Prepare Monthly Payroll Detailed Report 
    Prepare Monthly Statutory Payment Listing
    Assist in Bonus Administration
    Prepare Monthly Claims Detailed Report
    Prepare Monthly Overtime Detailed Report
    Prepare Monthly Allowance & Deduction Detailed Report
    Prepare Monthly Bank Credit Details
    Prepare Monthly Cash Payment Details
    Prepare and Distribute Pay slips
    Prepare Year-to-Date Payroll Reports
    Assist in Ad-Hoc Reports upon request.

¨ Expense / Claim Management
    Monitor Expenses
    Monitor Claims
    Prepare Monthly Report
    Arrange for Payment